Crystal Thomas


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Sandy Boyd


I first started attending Christ UMC 25 years ago. I had just moved to Battle Creek and had been working with a young man who had attended the church since he was young. I started to go with him, and the first thing that drew me to the church was the people. I soon found that the church prided itself on being a welcoming church. I left Battle Creek for work reasons about six years ago but when I came back, I couldn't wait to return to this church community. During my time here I have taught Sunday School, led youth group, chaired mission/outreach committees and have now added office administrator to the list.

My passion is ministering to those who are ignored by many of our churches today, especially the LGBTQI community. During my life God has granted me the privilege of knowing and listening to wonderful people from the LGBTQI community and through that I have heard and seen the heartache of being rejected by Christian family and friends. stories of teenagers being left homeless without means to take care of themselves. I have seen the anger against God because the hurt was done in God's name. I have also heard stories of families who were loving and accepting and have seen the difference this can make. I believe God calls me to love, not judge. I want to leave my community a better place in the name of Jesus.  


Jessica Brooks

Music Director
I grew up in Battle Creek where my family and I attended Calvary Baptist Church.  I have two siblings who now live elsewhere in the states however; my parents still live in Battle Creek out in Pennfield.  I’ve been involved in musical pursuits starting from a young age.  After graduation from high school I decided to continue my musical training at Spring Arbor University where I focused on teaching piano, and voice training.  My husband and I met while attending SAU and were married in 2014.  What I enjoy most about music is the opportunities it provides to connect with God and others.  My hope is to help you connect to God and one another through the worship service.